Surrounding the mountains area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam. In addition there are a number of ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of life is truly amazing.

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Lung Khau Nhin Market ( Thursday)

Lung Khau Nhin Market ( Thursday)
Lung Khau Nhin is a small market very close to the border with China, close to Muong Khuong town. The Black Dao, Giay, Tay, Flower Hmong (Red Hmong) minority peoples all attend this market. Lung Khau Nhin market is held every Thursday starting around 7.30am and closing in the early afternoon. The market is set in beautiful scenery and is very remote. It is a very ‘authentic’ market with few tourists visiting. The market mainly sells vegetables, seeds and livestock for the minority peoples.
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Lung Khau Nhin is a small market that takes place only Thursday. The market is surrounded by beautiful landscape and scenery. As it is a bit far from Lao Cai city center, there are few travelers coming here. The market still keeps its original aspect. Pine trees forests and villages surroun the tinny market. Flower Hmong, Tu Di, Tay and Giay ethnic minorities come to buy and sell local products such as food and material for agriculture and fabric. After exploring the market, we can have the opportunity to make a short walk to a Black Dao village. We then head back to Muong Khuong where your lunch will be provided in a local restaurant.