Surrounding the mountains area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam. In addition there are a number of ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of life is truly amazing.

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Muong Hum Market ( Sunday)

Muong Hum Market ( Sunday)
Muong Hum is located about three hours drive from Lao Cai station. It is the most typical and colorful market in the area. Offering you the opportunity to meet a large variety of ethnic minorities such as The Ha Nhi, The Phu La, The Tu Di, the Black Dao, the Giay, the Red Hmong and the Green Hmong. An other highlight of this trip is a visit of Muong Vi caves having beautiful stalagmite and stalactite.
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Muong Hum is small, yet active hill tribe market, that typically attracts five ethnic groups. Taking place each Sunday morning, visitors can expect to see Hmong, Dao, Ha Nhi and Giay people trading their local wares in a very traditional and intimate village setting. Muong Hum contrasts greatly with the touristic Bac Ha or Can Cau markets,  we much prefer the authenticity and simplicity on offer. With no vendors touting souvenirs at visitors, this is a market where observing local transactions and sampling real food become the main focuses.  

The geographic location of Muong Hum means that the route to the market is stunning in fine weather.  Located next to a pretty little river, there is a real frontier town feel about the area. Facilities are very basic, but Muong Hum offers a taste into what rural Vietnam is like for ethnic minority people living in the northern highlands. 

The market is most active from 7am meaning an early start from Sapa or an overnight stay in Muong Hum.