Sapa Full Day Tours

Spend the day exploring the many faces of Sapa, hiking deeper into the villages and rice terraces, enjoying meals with friendly handmade gifts among the colourful village market.

Meet The H'mong and The Red Dao ( Code-T1K)

This tour, you will walk through beautiful landscape, a long the way you are able to visit many local houses of different hill tribes, which are situated in a breathtaking beautiful valley, You wil be able tol explore the daily life and tradition of two biggest minorities groups: H'mong and Dao...

Price From: 14 USD/ pax
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Mountain views and villages trek ( Code - T1H)

Sa Seng, Hang Da, Hau, Thao are the villages of H'mong tribe in Sapa. This tour gives you a great view of Fansipan Peak, stunning mountain range and paddy fields.

Price From: 16 USD/ Pax
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Trekking Through Rice Terraced Fields ( Code- T1G)

You will have a trek through beautiful landscape surrounded by rice paddy terraces and mountains covered by rain forest under the protection of Hoang Lien National Park. Also you will hear about the lifestyle and tradition of Black H'mong and Giay minorities

Price From: 16 USD/ pax
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From Heavens Gate to Sapa valley ( Sapa - Heavens gate- Sin Chai - Sapa) Code- T1F

The trip is combination of sightseeing and trekking, which offer you the best views in Sapa area, with a short trek in Hoang Lien National Park as well as a visit to community based tourism of black H'mong minority, one of the largest group ethinc minorities in Sapa area.

Price From: 19 USD/ pax
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Mountain View and Riverside (Sapa - Cat Cat - Y linh ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van- Sapa) - Code T1 E

This trip offers you the chance to enjoy the most beautifull valley in Sapa with the terraced rice fields created by the local villagers since hundreds years and the amazing landscapes of Fansipan National Park, discover the tradition of the ethnic minority poeple: The Black H'mong, THe Giay (or...

Price From: 16 USD/pax
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Sapa valley explorer (Sapa - Ban Ho - Nam Toong)- Code T1D

On this trip you will trek through beautiful landscape. On the way you can visit local houses of Tay, the only village you can see the stilt house, which situated in a breathtaking beautiful valley, and red Dao minorities. You will here about daily life and traditional of these two minorities.

Price From: 18 USD/ Pax
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Minorities, rice fields and waterfall (Code-T1C)

On the way you will learn more about how is the rice cultivating, from when the seed sowed to harvested, until being served as cooked rice on your dinner table. The trip offers an opportunity to meet Black H'mong, Giay and red Dao minorities as well as explore their different cultures.

Price From: 16 USD/ Pax
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Sapa Easy Trekking Tour 1 Day - Rice Paddies and Cultures (Code T1B)

The walk starts from Sapa on a trail running through the beautiful gardens and lush pine forests. You will then pass through the Black Hmong ethinic minority village of Ma Tra, a very small village hidding away from the civilisation, the walk continues through rice paddy fields and spectacular...

Price From: 15 USD/ Pax
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Mountain and Rice Terreces ( Hard Trek- T1A)

In this tour, you will be taken by our experienced local guide across 4 different villages of the Hmong ethnic minorities. The tour will give you the chance to enjoy amazing mountain landscapes as well as to see Sapa’s biggest river and valley. You will also see the famous rice terrace fields...

Price From: 17 USD/ Pax
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