Surrounding the mountains area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam. In addition there are a number of ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of life is truly amazing.

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On the foot of Fansipan (Sapa - Cat Cat - Y linh ho)

On the foot of Fansipan  (Sapa - Cat Cat - Y linh ho)
You will have a trek through beautiful landscape surrounded by rice paddy terraced and mountain.
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You  first sneak through the market and leave the busy town behind. After a couple of minutes, you follow a road going downhill to Cat Cat village. You will stop by a waterfall and a hydro- electric station for a while before you trek ( trekking) on a dirt trail through rice paddy terraced. You also will enjoy spectacular scenery while walking along a narrow river. The area is still covered by rain forest under protection of Hoang Lien National Park. You eventually arrive in Y linh Ho  village of Black H'mong minority, where you can take a rest in nice spot nearby  the beautiful river before climbing  toward a road, where you return Sapa by car.

Approx: Grade 3 of 5 / 15 minutes driving/ 3 hours walking.

Note: Be aware that in rainy time the trail can be slippery  from Cat Cat to Y linh Ho.