Surrounding the mountains area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam. In addition there are a number of ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of life is truly amazing.

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Hill tribe villages trek (Sapa - Su Pan - Ban Ho - Thanh Phu- Sin Chai- Sapa)

Hill tribe villages trek (Sapa - Su Pan - Ban Ho - Thanh Phu- Sin Chai- Sapa)
On this trip you will have opportunity to meet several different minorities, which can not be found in other area of Sapa, such as Tay and Xa pho. Even though they live close to each other, the Tay is the one of the most advanced minority meanwhile the Xa Pho still maintain the tradition of being nomadic. You will also enjoy beautiful landscape in Ban Ho valley.
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Day 1: Sapa - Ban Ho - Thanh Phu - Sin Chai (L,D)

The day commences with a drive to the trekking route. The trek starts by walking through the incredibly scenic " Ban Ho" valley. Here you will have the opportunity to visit and explore the wooden houses, which traditionally belong to the Tay ethnic minority. You will then continue to walk to Thanh Phu village where you stop for lunch in a local house.

After lunchtime, you head to Sin Chai village of red Dao minority where the night will be spent in bamboo huts. You will be attracted by the wonderful hospitable atmosphere of the red Dao.

Approx: Grade of 2 of 5/ 45 minutes driving/ 4 hours walking/ 1 hour lunch

Day 2: Sin Chai - Nam Nhiu - My Son - Nam Toong - Sapa

You start the trek today by walking downhill toward the My Son village, which belongs to the Xa Pho ethnic minority, one of the smallest group's ethnic in Northern Viet Nam. After one and a half hours walk to the Red Dao village of Nam Toong, lunch will be prepared and served. After lunch you will descend back to Ban Ho village, where you will be able to enjoy a swim at the nearby beautiful waterfall of Lavie. You will then ascend to Su Pan, where the car is waiting to take you back to Sapa.

Approx: Grade 2 of 5/ 1hour driving/ 5 hours walking/ 1 hour lunch

Note: The walk from Ban Ho to Thanh Phu and Sin Chai is mostly on the main dirt road