Surrounding the mountains area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam. In addition there are a number of ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of life is truly amazing.

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Sapa valley to Lao Cai (Sapa - Thanh Phu - Sin Chai - Ben Den - Lao Cai)

Sapa valley to Lao Cai (Sapa - Thanh Phu - Sin Chai - Ben Den - Lao Cai)
The trip takes you to one of the most remote area where you can meet very friendly locals. The night you spend in bamboo hut built in the hilly ground of a red Dao family will be good experience. The trip also offers you opportunity to enjoy wonderful scenery, which is still well preserved.
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Day 1: Sapa - Ban Ho - Thanh Phu - Sin Chai ( L,D)

The day commences with a drive to the trekking route. The trek starts by walking through the incredibly scenic "Ban Ho" valley. Here you will have the opportunity to visit and explore the wooden houses which traditionally belong to the Tay ethnic minority. You will then continue to walk to Thanh Phu village where you stop for lunch in a local house. After lunchtime, you head to Sin Chai village of red Dao minority where the night will be spent in bamboo huts. You will be attracted by the wonderful hospitable atmostphere of the red Dao.

Approx: Grade of 2 of 5/ 45 minutes driving/ 4 hours walking / 1 hour lunch

Day 2: Sin Chai - Ben Den - Lao Cai (B, L)

After a good sleep in bamboo hut, you wake up for an early breakfast and repack your luggage for the long trek heading toward Lao Cai. Once you leave Sin Chai , the trip takes you into a fabulously mountainous area, the most remote part of Sapa. En route you meet children ' curious eyes as you are very first tourists passing by. Red Dao ethnic minority inhabits the entire area. You will enjoy the fresh of bamboo forest and jungle until you make a stop at Nam Ket for lunch.

After lunch, your trek will be mostly downhill.  After about half an hour, you will have an opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of days over a green valley lying along the Red River. You eventually arrive in Ta Thang village of Tay minority. Here you will be transfered by car to Lao Cai, where you will start your onward journey.

Approx: 45 minutes driving/ 7.5 hours walking/ 1 hour lunch.

Note: The first day will mostly be spent on dirt road. This trip will easily combine with the transfer to Lao Cai railway station without repeating the way or passing by Sapa.